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What does the Maltese business register contains?

The Maltese business register contains general information about the Maltese registration of corporations and the list of registered companies.

The records of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is operated with a statutory duty to maintain the current national company register.

The MFSA’s website also provides information on the laws relating to financial services, including:
– the laws and legal notices (reference: Department of Maltese Justice, Culture and Local Government; circulars;)
– rules
– licenses
– prospectus
– other alerts and warnings issued by MFSA.

Is it free to obtain information from the official Maltese register?

The general information on the Maltese businesses to the public are free of charge, but there are parts of the website, which require a fee in order to gain access.

The website of MFSA is accessable for public.

How to search information in the Maltese business register?

You have to register at their website (free of charge). Once the registration has been complete, you are going to have access for the databases, which contain public information about the corporations.

However, if you would like to download the documents, you are required to pay a fee for each download.

Once you have access to the registry you are going to be able to find information on the companies, such as the base of the corporation, the CEO and shareholders, the secretaries and owners of the entity.

The history of the Maltese registry

The base of the registry has been established in 1962. Originally the register was accessable only for the Maltese Trade Ministry. However, in 1995 the new amendment granted access to the Maltese Financial Services Authority in 1997.

All the documents of the existing companies has been digitalized. The current state of the MFSA has been established in 2000, when the whole platform was transformed into an internet based service.

In 2006 the internet based service has been transformed into web 2.0, which allowed others to access it from foreign computers.

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